Royal Navy - Administration - 1860

Precautions To Be Observed To Prevent Accidents When Saluting

Circular No 253

Admiralty 30th May 1856

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have to call the attention of Officers in command of Ships to the accidents which frequently occur in firing Salutes, in consequence of the Vent being stopped by the thumb in lieu of a properly fitted Vent Plug; and they desire that whenever it may be necessary to reload a Gun for the purpose of saluting, it may be run into a "taut breech" before the sponge is entered for sponging it, and that care be taken that the proper Gun's Crew are in their respective stations.

As a further precaution, the Worm is to be used before the Sponge.

By Command of their Lordships


To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains &c

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