Royal Navy Conditions

Example of Daily Harbour Routine

(Times marked * are to be reported to the Commander.)

0505  Call men under punishment.
0515  Call duty R.P.O., disciplinary P.O., and bugler.
0530  Call the hands; lash up and stow hammocks; men under punishment to muster.
0535  Cooks to the galley for cocoa.
*0550  " G."
0555  Out pipes.
0600  Hands fall in ; clean ship and lower boats ; duty boats' crews scrub out and fuel boats ; off boat ropes.
0630  Up guard and steerage hammocks.
*0650  Cooks to the galley; uncover guns; respread awnings.
0700  Hands to breakfast and clean; clean mess deck brightwork.
0745  Guard and band (Summer).
0750  Out pipes ; duty boys of forenoon watch to muster.
0800  Colours (Summer) ; both watches for exercise, stand fast cooks and sweepers; hands to brightwork stations ; clean messdecks and flats.
0820  Commander's requestmen and defaulters.
0835 Quarters clean guns.
0845  Guard and band (Winter).
0855  " G," return rags; morning watchmen out pipes.
0900  Colours (Winter) ; both watches of the hands, or Divisions.
1030  Stand easy.
1040  Out pipes, hands carry on with work.
1115  Up spirits.
1130  Afternoon watchmen and relief boats' crews to dinner.
*1150  Cooks to the galley; grog call.
1200  Hands to dinner; pipe leave and any general orders.
1220  Duty boys of afternoon watch to muster.
1230  Men under punishment to muster (1315 on make-and-mend days).'
1305  " G."
1310  Out pipes.
1315  Both watches of the hands fall in.
1420  Stand easy.
1430  Out pipes, hands carry on with work.
1530  First dog-watchmen to tea (make-and-mend days, men under punishment secure).
1540  Clear up decks (make-and-mend days, both watches fall in).'
1550  Cooks to the galley; emergency party to muster.
1600  Hands to tea, or evening quarters; clean into night clothing; libertymen to clean (liberty men " fall in " in accordance with boat routines).
1630  Men under punishment to muster.
1700  Engine-room department to evening quarters ; duty hands fall in=up fresh provisions (in dockyard-emergency party to muster ; exercise Fire Stations).
1800  Duty part of the watch fall in ; hoist boats ; rig boat ropes and stern fasts ; rig cinema; cover guns (at Sunset if earlier).
1830  Hands to supper; men under punishment secure; duty boats' crews clean into night clothing.
2015  Cooks and sweepers clear up mess decks and flats ; duty part of the watch of the hands fall in, clear up decks, slope awnings, close water-tight openings.
*2040  First post; duty hands, night boat's crew, and men under punishment and stoppage of leave to muster.
2045  Rounds; boys turn in.
2100  Last post..
2145  Duty hands fall in, unrig cinema.
2200 Pipe down
2230  Chief and petty officers pipe down.

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