Treatment of Certain Master's Mates and Midshipmen following the signing of the Peace of Amiens who may otherwise have been discharged to Shore - 1802

The following Letter has been sent from Evan Nepean, Esq. Secretary to the Admiralty, to the Commander in Chief at the Ports of Portsmouth, Plymouth, Sheerness, and Chatham, dated the 26th of April, 1802.

Admiralty Office, 26 April, 1802.

I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to signify their direction to you to acquaint the Captains and Commanders of his Majesty's ships and vessels which may be ordered to be paid off at Portsmouth, that, in order to give employment to as many Master's Mates and Midshipmen as possible, their Lordships have increased the number of Petty Officers to be borne on board the ships and vessels intended to be employed in time of peace ; and that such of the said Master's Mates and Midshipmen who have passed for Lieutenants, or may have nearly served their time to qualify themselves to pass, and are desirous of employment without being able to obtain it, should make known their wishes to me, the latter stating the times of their service, and transmitting the Certificate of the Captains or Commanders with whom they have last served, and their behaviour during such services, I am, Sir, &c.

Evan Nepean.

Midshipmen who have served their time - 1805

Circa 7 Jan 1805 per the Hampshire Telegraph

An order in council has directed that Midshipmen who have served their time, are to be employed as Sub Lieutenants on board of such armed brigs as are commanded by Lieutenants, for which service their pay will be 4s. per day ; and their uniform is to be that of the undress which the Lieutenants now wear.

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