Mediterranean Mail Packets

21 Jul 1830, the smaller Admiralty steam vessels, formerly attached to the different sea ports, will cease going out with the Mediterranean mails, the Post Office having recently purchased several steam vessels on a much larger scale, and capable of accommodating a much greater number of passengers.

These vessels will be commanded by experienced Lieutenants of the Navy, appointed by the Admiralty Board, as is the case in other packets, with the full understanding that they are to abandon all thoughts of promotion, the appointment being considered the best with respect to emolument that a Lieutenant can hold.

Further to the above, I note that on 20 Aug 1830 the Admiralty bought the steam vessels George IV, renamed Hermes, and Duke of York, renamed Messenger, both of 733 tons, at a cost of 24,977 : 9s. : 4d.

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