Extracts from Late 19th Century and Early 20th Century Newspapers

Naval Affairs

Source: The Weekly Despatch of 26 January 1851

A butt is being constructed in Portsmouth dockyard to represent the section of both sides of a line-of-battle ship; and against this butt percussion shells are to be tested by several projectors. Some of the Lords of the Admiralty are to be present at the trials.

The efficiency of the BIRKENHEAD, as a troop ship is to be completed by the addition of a top-gallant forecastle, extending from the night-head 45 feet aft, which will add greatly to her accommodation for the conveyance of troops; and the new steam frigate HMS SIMOOM, if she be found, on trial, to be fit for similar service, is to be also fitted as a troop steamer, to carry 1,000 men.

HMS CYCLOPS, 6, steam-frigate, Captain the Hon G.F. Hastings, arrived at Spithead on Sunday evening, from the coast of Africa. She has been fortunate in making captures. On Nov. 20 she captured a Brazilian brigantine with 610 slaves on board. The unfortunate creatures were packed so closely together in the brigantine - a vessel of 100 tons - that Captain Hastings was compelled to shift 246 from the slaver to his own ship and so convey them to St Helena. The CYCLOPS has taken eight prizes, having between 1,100 and 1,200 slaves on board. She sailed on Monday afternoon for Woolwich, to be paid off.

The MARIE LOUISE, a very fine Belgian man-of-war schooner, Captain Peter, arrived at Spithead on Monday from the Texel. She is bound to the West Indies. She has had a most tempestuous passage from the Texel and has come into harbour to refit.

HMS ALBION, 90, Captain Hope Johnston, arrived at Malta on the 10th instant. She made the run from Plymouth to Malta in nineteen days and six hours.

HMS AMPHRITRITE, 25, Captain Frederick, now fitting at Portsmouth, is ordered to be hastened, and to proceed as soon as possible to Valparaiso, but to touch at Rio and the Falkland Islands on her way out. She wants about 40 men to make up her complement.

HMS CUMBERLAND, 70, Captain G.H. Seymour, fitting at Chatham for the West Indies as the Flag-ship of Vice Admiral Sir G. Seymour, is to be out of the hands of the dockyard people by the 13th of next month. She has half her crew on her books.

HMS INDEFATIGABLE, 50, Captain Smart, at Devonport, is ordered to join the squadron off Lisbon as soon as ready. She is reported short of her crew by 25 men, and as having 16 absent without leave.

HMS BELLEROPHON, 78, Captain Lord G. Paulet, at Devonport, is ordered to increase her advanced complement. She is the next ship for foreign service, and this order is preparatory to her relieving HMS GANGES, 84, in the Mediterranean.

HMS OBERON steam-vessel, 3, Lieutenant Commander W.B Harvey, arrived at Spithead on Wednesday afternoon from the Mediterranean. She left Malta on the 4th and Gibraltar on the 16th instant.

HMS POWERFUL, 84, Captain the Hon. R.S. Dundas, had received orders to leave Malta on the 15th instant for England.

HMS JANUS steam-sloop, and the Royal Yacht Squadron schooner, CAMILLA, belonging to Mr Archdeekne were lying at Gibraltar.

Lieut. Alexander, of HMS SUPERB, and Lieut. Pochin, of HMS FIREBRAND steam-frigate, have come home in HMS OBERON on promotion ; as well as Dr Smart, of HMS QUEEN, and Lieut. H. Drury, R.M. HMS OBERON went into harbour on Thursday, to be paid off.

The SYBILLE, Royal Yacht Squadron, belonging to Mr Oglander, sailed on Wednesday afternoon from Gosport for the Mediterranean.

HMS VICTORY, 104, Captain F.T. Blackwood, flag of Admiral the Hon. Sir Bladen Capel, K.C.B., at Portsmouth, is having her masts stripped to receive new rigging.

The WALMER CASTLE, Indiaman, sailed from Spithead on Wednesday afternoon for Madras and Calcutta.

We {Herald) hear that, in consequence of the probability of peace, an order has been already issued prohibiting naval officers from wearing moustaches while on full pay. We are not aware that this order is to extend to marine officers.

St. James's Budget, 6 January, 1882 {London Newspaper] p 33 as transcribed by Bev Edmonds

A captain's naval pension of 80 a year, vacant by the death of Captain James SIMPSON, had been conferred upon Captain E. BICKFORD.

Captain Lord Walter KERR on Monday took over the command of the Medway Steam Reserve at Chatham, vice Captain W. HUNT-GRUBBE, C.B.

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