Royal Navy Pay and Conditions - 1860

Mates, Second Masters, and Assistant Paymasters Borne on Flag Ships' Books on being Paid Off

Circular No. 425

Admiralty 24th May 1860

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that Mates and Second Masters who have been confirmed in that rank, and also Assistant-Paymasters shall in future, on their Ships being paid off be discharged to the Flag Ship at the Port at which they may have been so paid-off ; and further, that they may be granted leave of absence for a period not exceeding six weeks, provided that their services may not in the meantime be required.

Acting Mates are to be discharged to Her Majesty's Ship "Excellent" and Acting Second Masters to Her Majesty's Ship "Victory" and granted leave in like manner should they desire it; but it is to be clearly understood that such indulgence will on no account be allowed to interfere with the periods at which they are expected to pass their final examinations as required by existing Regulations.

By Command of their Lordships

C Paget

To all Commanders-in-Chief, &c

Source: Navy List 1860 Page 285

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