Bonds For Paymasters

Admiralty, 15th January, 1857.

Considerable delay having occurred in many instances in the execution of the Bands required to be entered into by Paymasters and Assistant Paymasters whenever appointed to the charge of Paymasters' Stores on board Her Majesty's Ships, My Lords desire particular attention to be paid to the 30th and two following Articles in Chapter 1 of the Instructions far Paymasters, and they hereby notify that, in future, a Paymaster or Assistant Paymaster, prior to obtaining an appointment to a Ship, must state, by letter addressed to the Secretary of the Admiralty ("for the Comptroller of the Victualling"), that he and his sureties are prepared to give the necessary Bond immediately

In every case of a Paymaster or Assistant Paymaster being appointed to the charge of Paymasters' Stores Abroad, the Commander-in-Chief is, before actually conferring the appointment, to require and receive from him a Letter containing his personal Bond and proposing his Sureties, and to forward the same, together with a notification of the appointment, by the earliest conveyance for their Lordships' information.

Those Officers who may neglect to comply with these directions, or may fail to complete their Bonds, will be liable to have the residue of their Full-pay and their Half-pay withheld during their Lordships' pleasure.

By Command of their Lordships,

R. Osborne.

To all Commander-in-Chief, Captains, and Commanding Officers of Her Majesty's Ships and Vessels.

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