Pensions to Marines granted free discharge who enter the Navy

Circular No. 415,

Admiralty, 8 March 1860,

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty having had under their consideration the cases of men, who, after having served in the Royal Marine Corps, have obtained free discharges under the Good Conduct Regulations, thereby forfeiting all claim to other than deferred Pensions ; and it appearing that such men have subsequently to their discharge occasionally offered themselves, and been accepted for service in the Royal Navy ; my Lords are pleased to direct that when any such men, or others who may hereafter enter the Navy under like circumstances, shall have completed a total period of 21 years service, including the time served in the Royal Marines, they shall be entitled to Long Service Pensions, providing their conduct has been good during their service in the Royal Navy.

The deferred Pension authorised by the Good Conduct Regulations will not be allowed in addition to the Long Service Pension ; nor will Marines volunteering under the above circumstances to enter for continuous service, become entitled to Long Service Pensions, for less than a total period of 21 years service from the age of 18.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget,
To all Commander-in-Chief, &c.

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