Royal Navy Pay and Conditions - 1860

Re-entry Of Greenwich Pensioners For Service In Her Majesty's Ships

Circular No 262

Admiralty, 26th August, 1856

Inconvenience having been occasioned in consequence of Greenwich Pensioners receiving their Pensions monthly or quarterly, in advance, and re-entering the Service prior to the expiration of the period for which they have been paid, thereby rendering it necessary, when not allowed to receive their pensions whilst serving, that the amount over-issued on account of Pension should be deducted from their Pay, my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased to direct that all pensioners re-entering the Service in Her Majesty's Ships of War, be required to produce a Certificate from the Staff Officer of Pensioners of their district, showing the period to which the Pensioner has been paid, in order that the over payment, if any, may be charged against his growing wages, and reported to the Secretary of the Admiralty, that repayments may be made to the War Department; and to prevent men, on offering themselves for entry, evading the fact of being Pensioners, the Staff Officers of Pensioners have been authorized to note on the Men's Parchment Certificates of Service the fact of their being Pensioners when the first payment of their pensions may be made to them.

By Command of their Lordships,


To all Commanders-in-Chief, Captains, &c

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