Warrant Officers' Retirement.

Order in Council
9 Jun 1860

Warrant Officers may Retire on Pension at the age of 60 years without being Surveyed.

We beg leave most humbly to represent to Your Majesty that under existing Regulations the Warrant Officers of Your Majesty's Navy are only allowed to retire on being reported to us as being unfit for any further service upon medical survey:

And whereas we are humbly of opinion that it would be advantageous to allow these Officers to retire, at their own option and without medical survey, after attaining the age of sixty years, without prejudice, however, to their claim to a pension under the present Regulations; we do humbly request that Your Majesty will be graciously pleased by your Order in Council to approve of the same.

Admiralty Circular No. 433.
26 Jun 1860.

My Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty are pleased, under her Majesty's Order in Council, dated 9 June 1860, to allow Warrant Officers of the Royal Navy to retire after the age of sixty years, at their own option, without medical survey, and without prejudice to their claim to pension under the existing Regulations.

By Command of their Lordships,
C. Paget,
To all Commanders-in-Chief &c.

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