Revised Regulations for the Storage of Equipment for ships in ordinary in Hamoaze and the River Tamar

By the regulations now adopted with respect to the ships in ordinary in Hamoaze and the River Tamar, a great saving will accrue in the wear and tear of the Royal Navy.

All the yards, spars, running rigging, and gun carriages, are to be stowed away in each ship in ordinary, and the boats, on being examined and reported fit for service, are to be placed in the Captain's cabin, by which they will be preserved from the weather, and always be ready in case of sudden emergency.

One of the Clerks of the Cheque of the Dock yard visits in the day time, once or twice a week, and cheques the officers and men of the ships in ordinary Similar visits are also made in the night-time ; and those officers who are absent without leave, are to be mulcted of their day's pay. In consequence of these strict regulations, in case of a future war, the ships in ordinary will be fitted for sea in a shorter time, and at a less expence, than heretofore.

[although I would have thought that it would soon have reverted back to the old system. Ed.]

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