Royal Navy Pay and Conditions
Example of Daily Sea Routine

(Times marked * are to be reported to the Commander.)

0340  Call morning watchmen. 
0350 Morning watchmen to muster. 
0505  Call men under punishment.
0515 Call duty R.P.O., disciplinary petty officer and bugler. 
0530 Call the hands (stand fast middle watchmen) ; lash up and stow hammocks; men under punishment to muster. 
0535 Cooks to the galley for cocoa. 
0545 Morning watchmen to muster; sweep down decks, place washdeck gear.
*0550 " G."
0555  Out pipes.
0600  Hands fall in; clean ship.
0630  Up guard and steerage hammocks; open water-tight openings (as ordered  by O.O.W.).
*0650 Cooks to the galley; watchkeepers of forenoon watch to breakfast and clean.
0700 Hands to breakfast and clean; clean messdeck brightwork. 
0735 Out pipes; seaboat's crew and lowerers of forenoon watch to muster. 
0800 Both watches for exercise, stand fast cooks and sweepers; hands to brightwork stations; clean messdecks and flats.
0820 Commander's requestmen and defaulters. 
0835  Quarters clean guns.
0855  ` G " ; return rags; morning watchmen out pipes.
0900  Both watches of the hands, or Divisions.
1030  Stand easy.
1040  Out pipes, hands carry on with work.
1100  Up spirits.
1130  Watchkeepers of the afternoon watch to dinner.  Cooks to the galley; grog call. 
1200  Hands to dinner.
1225  Seaboat's crew and lowerers of afternoon watch to muster. 
1230  Men under punishment to muster (1315 on make-and-mend days). 
1305  " G." 
1310  Out pipes. 
1315  Both watches of the hands fall in; stand fast watchkeepers of the forenoon watch.
1345  Watchkeepers of the forenoon watch to muster. 
1430  Stand easy.
1440  Out pipes, hands carry on with work. 
1530  First dog-watchmen to tea (make-and-mend days, men under punishment secure).
1540 Clear up decks (make-and-mend days, both watches fall in).
1600 Hands to tea or evening quarters; clean into night clothing.
1630 Men under punishment to muster. 
1820 Cooks to the galley.
1830 Hands to supper; men under punishment secure. 
1950 First watchmen to muster. 
2015 Watch fall in; duty part clear up decks, non-duty part close watertight openings;, cooks and sweepers clear up mess decks and flats for rounds.
*2040  Men under punishment to muster.
2045  Rounds; boys turn in.
2130 Pipe down; seaboat's crew and lowerers unrig cinema.
2200 Chief and petty officers pipe down.
2340 Call middle watchmen.
2350 Middle watchmen to muster.

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