Commissioned and Warrant Officers

Order of Seniority


Military or Executive Ranks
  • Admiral
  • Commodore
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Master and Second Master
  • Staff Captains and Commanders, Navigating Lieutenants, Navigating Sub Lieutenants, Navigating Cadets and Navigating Midshipmen
  • Lieutenant
  • Mate (became Sub-Lieutenant in 1861)
  • Chief Gunner (introduced in 1864)
  • Chief Boatswain (introduced in 1864)
  • Chief Carpenter (introduced in 1864)
  • Gunner
  • Boatswain
  • Carpenter
  • Midshipman
  • Volunteer (Cadet) later described as Naval Cadet
Civil Ranks
  • Chief Engineers, Engineer & Assistant Engineer
  • Chaplain & Naval Instructor
  • Inspectors-General of Hospitals and Fleets, Deputy Inspectors-General of Hospitals and Fleets, Fleet Surgeons, Staff Surgeons, Surgeon and Assistant Surgeons
  • Purser, known as Paymaster and Purser in the 1840s and from about 1853 as Paymaster and Assistant Paymaster. Also Paymaster or Assistant Paymaster who may have or is serving a Secretary, usually to a Commodore or Flag Officer.
  • Clerk (at times described as Clerk in Charge) and Assistant Clerk.

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