Crew Lists for the Avalanche

Passenger Lists for the Avalanche

Crew Lists for the Forrest

The Inquiry

The Rescuers

The Loss of the Avalanche and the Forest

The Rescuers

The bravery of the Portland fishermen was not forgotten and when the Rector of Portland made an Appeal in the "Standard" newspaper for Testimonials to be presented to them, the public readily responded. A total of £135. 2s. 8d. was contributed:

The First Boat's Crew

John Flann
Thomas Pearce
Joseph Shaddock
Lewis White
Thomas White 
J P Way
TP Way

The Second Boat's Crew

Wm Flann Sen
Wm Flann Jr
George Byatt
John Byatt
John Bennett
George White

Shortly after the tragedy, relatives and friends of those who were lost in the Avalanche requested that a Memorial be erected on Portland, to which they wished to contribute. A suggestion was made to the Rev. J. A. Beazor, the Rector of Portland, that there was need of a church in Southwell, the small village nearest the site of the disaster.

Thus arose the Public Subscription which raised £2,000 by donations in England and New Zealand and resulted in the building of the new St. Andrew's Church, a beautiful Memorial known in Portland as the Avalanche Church; the highway onto which it faced is now named Avalanche Road.

The Memorial Church was consecrated, being dedicated to Saint Andrew, by the Bishop of Salisbury on the 3rd July, 1879; it was designed in the early English style by Mr. Crickmay the Diocesan surveyor. Built of Portland stone by Messrs. Lynham and Bayliss of Portland, the external walls are rock-faced random-squared stone with ashlar dressings to doors, windows and buttresses, with a two-bell turret.

It is a small church with seating for approximately one hundred people; the inside length 71 ft. and the extreme breadth 24 ft. Most of the fittings are offerings and all the nave windows except one, are stained glass memorials. The six chancel windows, the lectern, the pulpit, the font and the organ were also offerings, plus many other gifts to the Church in memory of loved relatives and friends.

There is a picture of the Avalanche, an artist's impression of the two Portland Lerrets coming into land after the rescue and a framed copy of the Testimonial presented to William Flann.

There is also a brass tablet listing the names, and where known, the descriptions of the passengers and crew of the Avalanche.

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