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Near Loss of the Seringapatam at Portland Bill, Dorset, 17 May 1851

We learn from a letter received from a respectable firm in town [Sydney], that the Seringapatam, [Captain] Lovell, hence [Australia], 28 December [1850], for London, got ashore in a thick haze in the British [English] Channel on the Bill of Portland, on the 17th May last [1851].

The commander thought the ship was bilged [hull damaged], but owing to her great strength she sustained but slight damage.

She was got off by the exertions of the coast guard, and by the assistance of a small steamer, and was towed up to London.

It is hoped that her cargo will not be damaged, which consists of wool and tallow.

Source: Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List of 13 Sep 1851.

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